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There is no city on earth like Nashville, where music engulfs and permeates such a large percentage of its people. We are unique. While country music is king, there has always been a vibrant and relevant underground of other genres.

 That underground has risen above ground over the last decade with a rapid influx of non-country musical migrants. 

Today’s Music City is much more diverse creatively, and only growing more diverse everyday. Our country music friends have done an amazing job of telling their stories and building their community, and they will continue to do so. But, there is a glaring lack of a gathering point for those of us that don’t fit into that community. This includes creators and industry professionals in the city’s Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soul, Emo, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Orchestral, Electronic, and Christian music scenes. The Other Nashville Society was created to be our gathering point.


  • To identify and bring together the non-country music community in Nashville
  • To create an environment for connections and opportunities within this community
  • To be a vocal advocate for “The Other Nashville,” amplifying its success stories and point of view
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Our no. 1 goal is to create more success stories within our community. We believe the best way to accelerate that is to connect the right people with the right opportunities. This happens organically, but we also strategically facilitate this through our private forum, and some good old fashioned matchmaking -- of the professional variety.

Private FORUM

Our members-only private forum is the online gathering point for our community. What you’ll find here might include… a news article about an important topic for our community, relevant show and event listings, an artist to keep an eye on, a profile on someone that just moved to town, a listing for a job opening, a poll question that was posed to TONS by the press, etc.



Whether it’s one of our happy hours, showcases or panels, you know you’re going to be in a room full of like-minded people. Our events are laid back and casual, and are open to members and member invitees.



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TONS prides itself on its diverse and active membership. Everyone brings something to the table. To ensure that our community is its most impactful, our members are vetted and hand selected.  

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